Making Animated Videos On Mac

Making Animated Videos On Mac – Easily!

OK, here’s a neat trick…

…you are stuffed for time, just like I am. So why slave for days over difficult animations which you then have to render and capture off your desktop?

I know how you feel, it used to take me a couple of days to put together even the simplest animations for my videos. It’s such a pain (not to mention the waste of my time).

And, here’s the thing, I want to get my videos uploaded quickly, within minutes of getting an idea, if possible.

So, I was casting around for a way to do that. And I found this cunning piece of software that let me create animated videos as fast as I could dream them up.

Yes, really. Videos like this (if you’ve seen this before just skip to the next section)…

I made that in less than 30 minutes, from start to finish!

In case you don’t believe me just take a look on the next page and I’ll create an animated video in real time, right in front of your eyes.

Click HERE and look over my shoulder and see how I make animated videos in real time…

…Make An Animated Video On My Mac – read all about it