Make Animated Videos For YouTube

How To Make Animated Videos For YouTube

I must admit, this has become something of an obsession for me. To make animated videos for YouTube and other video sites would have seemed like a dream a few years ago. But now it’s easy. Read on to find out how…

OK, so there’s various ways of making animated videos on your PC, Mac or laptop. By ‘animated videos’ I’m not talking about using Powerpoint (PC) or Keynote (Mac) to animate simple slides and so on. That’s so old hat!

Frankly you see animated slide videos everywhere. They don’t capture people’s attention any more, especially on YouTube.

So What Does Work?

On YouTube people want to be entertained. Even the ‘talking head’ stuff doesn’t work so well as it used to. Whiteboard videos are all the rage, now, but even those are becoming common enough to be irritating.

What really captures people’s attention are cartoon characters. I think this goes back to our childhood experiences where cartoons were always the most fun to watch on TV. So people identify with cartoon characters very quickly.

Mix up those cartoon characters with whiteboard videos and you’ve got the perfect entertainment and fun marketing video. Here’s how I do it, quickly and easily…

Make Animated Videos On My Mac

Make Animated Videos On My PC