October 11, 2014

Video Alchemy Review

Ok, here’s a quick Video Alchemy review, simply because it claims to make animated videos for PC or Mac automatically.

I’ll come back to a detailed review, later, but I just wanted to throw this up real quick because if you are thinking of buying Video Alchemy…


Frankly Video Alchemy produces junk videos that will do you, or your brand, a lot of harm if you start distributing them.

Video Alchemy Review

What it claims to do is find text off the ‘net using the keyword you supply and then formats that text (which you choose from a reader pane) into ‘animated’ slides.

It then allows you to add images off your hard drive…

…and, finally, ‘reads’ the text for you using your choice of synthesized voice (male or female, US or UK) even in foreign languages!

If it really, really did that then it would be a boon…

…but, as with all things automatic, it has problems. BIG problems.

For a start the text is broken up to fit the number of words on the fixed template slides. So, even though you have a choice of templates which offer different visual effects and image placements, the text is rendered into garbled nonsense most of the time.

For example you might have Slide 1 which says:

How to train your

and then Slide 2 which says:

Puppy. So just what do you

and then Slide 3 which says:

you do if your

I think you can see how this works – or doesn’t work!

That’s using a template with a few words per slide. There are other templates which use smaller font sizes (you can’t control this as it is template dependant) but, even here, the paragraph break up is fixed according to the number of words. I’ll show some examples later but it really is a garbled mess.

Then there is the choice of voices.

If you go to the sales page and watch the demo you’ll hear that the voice the demonstrator chooses sounds like ‘computer speak’. Well, the other voices are worse. IMO Simon (UK) sounds like Stephen Hawking – no, actually Stephen Hawking sounds better than this!

I won’t go on. I’ll leave that for a more detailed review coming tomorrow. I just wanted to point out, quickly, why I cannot recommend Video Alchemy and why I think you’ll be wasting your money buying it. My recommendation still remains strong with VideoMakerFX which I’ll show you how I use here…

Make Animated Videos on your PC

Make Animated Videos on your Mac

Jonathan Paston

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