September 10, 2013

We’re always watching screens

When I was growing up, TV was something you watched for a few hours a day. Now we’re always watching screens.

Screens are all around us. From the computers we use to the advertising on buildings. Go to a sports venue and you can watch the screen instead of the live action!

We’re so used to watching screens that it is difficult to drag your eyes away from one if it’s in the vicinity.

But it is what is on the screen that matters, not the screen itself, of course.

So that’s where Screen Pleaser comes in.


I’ll be selecting and showing videos that I think you’ll agree are attention grabbers or worth investigating further. It’s a personal selection so I’m not expecting you to always agree with me.

So please feel free to comment. Whether you agree or disagree with my opinion doesn’t matter. This site is open to discussion.

Jonathan Paston

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